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The Collections:

The Parker-Hore Archive Collection of Watercolours of Paving-tiles
held in Worcester and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


TileWeb team


The lead researcher was Maureen Mellor who co-ordinated the project between the Commandery Museum, Worcester and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, compiled the database and web pages. Tim Bridges, Collections Manager at Worcester City Museums whose warmth of welcome and generosity with his time smoothed the path in Worcester while Dr Arthur MacGregor fulfilled a similar role in the Ashmolean. A particular debt is owed to the two museum's enthusiastic volunteers: Julia White (Ashmolean), Pat Fenner and Christopher Tye (Worcester) who undertook the scanning of the images.

Alison Roberts (Ashmolean, Antiquities department) designed the Access database, Charles Mundy Heritage Officer, City of Worcester oversaw the image archive, while Annabelle Khan undertook the editorial process of preparing some 6,000 digitised images for uploading onto the web. Jonathan Moffett, the Ashmolean's Information Technology Manager prepared a searchable database and put the project's web pages online.

Warm appreciation is also due to the staff of the Millennium Commission office, Stephanie Batchelor and Catherine Atkinson.

Nicola Coulthard and Florence Delacampagne kindly made available the remaining tiles and tile fragments from the Baron's Hall in Caen Castle and St Stephens, Caen.

Grants from The Manifold Trust and The Census of Medieval Tiles enabled the web pages to be assembled.

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? Copyright of this digital resource will be held jointly by
the Ashmolean Museum, Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery and by the Worcestershire Archaeological Society.
Copyright of the original drawings is held by
the Ashmolean Museum and by the Worcestershire Archaeological Society respectively.

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