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The Parker-Hore Archive Collection of Watercolours of Paving-tiles
held in Worcester and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
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Detail Page 2854 of 2854
County: Derbyshire No Image available
Town/Village: Morley
Place Details:  
Artist and Date: A W Franks
Iconography: Inscription
Copied from (Collection): Soc of Antiq Bp C p 133
Watercolour Ref. No.: Z097
Notebook: FMP  
Portfolio: Jas P,  
Notebook: IH 2
Other details:  
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Copyright of this digital resource will be held jointly by
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Copyright of the original drawings is held by
the Ashmolean Museum and by the Worcestershire Archaeological Society respectively.

None of this material may be reproduced in any form without permission.

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